• In this 5-week series entitled Directions, Pastor Jay examines the 5 Directions (Forward, Inward, Withward, Outward, and Upward) we need to go to join God and get in on what He's doing in the world.  Each direction is based on one of our 5 values as a church: Forward - We value the Journey; Inward - We value Wholeness; Withward - We value Community; Outward - We value Service; and Upward - We value Celebration.

  • Lamentations is a collection of poems expressing the despair, disillusionment, and unfocused rage of a people caught in an intense struggle for life.  It’s raw and honest…pain-soaked and doubt-filled.  It’s the uncensored outpouring of a religious people losing their religion.  They’re pointing fingers, shaking their fists, and demanding answers from God, but from beginning to end, God remains silent.   This 5-week series openly acknowledges the doubt, pain, sorrow, and grief that often accompanies the dark, shadowy seasons of life, and in doing so, it offers comfor

  • Series by Jay Parsons "Freed To Fully Live"

  • Pastor Jay's Easter Message.

  • For most of us – when we hear a church is doing a series on the book of Jonah, our immediate thought is about a dude getting swallowed by a really big fish, but the story of Jonah is so much bigger…so much deeper…than that.  In this 5-part series, Pastor Jay uncovers 5 ‘ocean deep truths’ about God and what He’s doing in us and through us in the world.