• Lamentations is a collection of poems expressing the despair, disillusionment, and unfocused rage of a people caught in an intense struggle for life.  It’s raw and honest…pain-soaked and doubt-filled.  It’s the uncensored outpouring of a religious people losing their religion.  They’re pointing fingers, shaking their fists, and demanding answers from God, but from beginning to end, God remains silent.   This 5-week series openly acknowledges the doubt, pain, sorrow, and grief that often accompanies the dark, shadowy seasons of life, and in doing so, it offers comfor

  • Series by Jay Parsons "Freed To Fully Live"

  • Pastor Jay's Easter Message.

  • For most of us – when we hear a church is doing a series on the book of Jonah, our immediate thought is about a dude getting swallowed by a really big fish, but the story of Jonah is so much bigger…so much deeper…than that.  In this 5-part series, Pastor Jay uncovers 5 ‘ocean deep truths’ about God and what He’s doing in us and through us in the world.

  • Throughout the year, there are times when we have the privilege of having a special speaker join us or when a message is taught that does not fit within a specific message series.  We'll include those messages here for your convenience. 

  • Nowhere does Jesus talk more clearly about what it looks like to follow him than in the Sermon on the Mount.  It's a provocative and counter-intuitive announcement about what happens when we love God, love others, and pursue shalom. Journey through the text with this 27-week series taught by Pastor Jay.