Sunday Service Starts at 10:00am

McKinleyville Activity Center - 1705 Gwin Road


The Gospel of John

This Sunday, February 18th, we will be looking at John 3:1-21, where Nicodemus, a religious leader, secretly seeks Jesus out during the night, and although he believes Jesus is from God, he only sees Jesus as a teacher, not the promised Savior.  When Jesus tells him that being religious is not enough, that he must be born again to enter the kingdom of God, Nicodemus replies, "How can these things be?"  During his exchange with Nicodemus, Jesus again foreshadows His death and reveals that God's plan is for the salvation of all the world, not just the Jewish people.

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Baby Bottle Boomerang

The Baby Bottle Boomerang supports the Pregnancy Care Center and J. Rophe Medical, where all services are always free and confidential! Take a baby bottle home and during the next 6 weeks fill it with loose change or write a check to the "Pregnancy Care Center" and put it in your bottle. Baby Bottles can be returned to NH on Sunday mornings from now until the end of February. With their expanded services, which include their medical mobile unite, the PCC has a goal of $35 per bottle. All proceeds are used to provide the services needed to women and children in our community.

Ministry Minute

This week's Ministry Minute we are highlighting our upcoming Mexico Mission Trip!  This year we are going to be partnering with Church of the Joyful Healer again for a mission trip to Mexico to help a family build a home with Amor.  Last year we had 41 people from 5 different churches, including 13 people from New Heart, participate in the mission trip.  This year's trip is scheduled for April 14 - 22, which is the week of spring break for the local schools.  For more information, check out the Mexico Mission Trip page.  This is a life-changing event!!  If you are at all interested in participating, let us know right away!!