• For Christmas this year, Pastor Jay shared 4 stand-alone messages dealing with assorted themes from the holiday season. 

  • When we really, truly consider the Gospel message, the only response that makes sense is one of awe and gratitude exploding into acts of love and generosity.  In this 3-part series, Pastor Jay encourages us to RESPOND to the Gospel (2 Cor 8), EXPAND our circle of concern (Matt 15), and INVEST in the Kingdom (Luke 19 and Mark 12).

  • Have you ever thought, 'If I just had that...if I just got that job, that girl, that house, that life...I'd be happy'?  And have you ever gotten that thing, or achieved that milestone that was supposed to bring such satisfaction and meaning to your life, only to find yourself still wanting something else...something different...something more?

  • Writing from a prison cell, Paul tells us how to experience deep, unaffected joy no matter what life throws at us.  He says it all begins with ‘Grace and Peace,’ and it increases as our passion for the Gospel’s advance increases.  Journey through the text verse-by-verse in this 24-part series taught by Pastor Jay.