• In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus uses word pictures and stories to give us some clues about what he calls ‘the Kingdom of Heaven.’ Over the next eight weeks, we’ll explore what it looks like to be a part of the new community he’s creating. 

  • Join us for an exciting new journey through the Gospel of John where every week we challenge you to answer the question Jesus asks us all, "Who do you say I am?"

  • The season of Hope and Expectation!  Join us as we reflect on Christ's birth and expectantly wait for his glorious return.


  • As followers of Jesus, we are all being built together as one body, the church, where the Spirit of God dwells and works to transform us.

  • A fun sermon series highlighting our speaker team and their favorite scripture passages!

  • Join us as we walk through the book of Philippian and take the next steps toward living in the Joy of the Lord.  When we learn to live in HIS joy, we receive the peace that surpasses all understanding!