Celebrate the Impact!

Arrival Time: 
Sun. April 14th, 9:45am
Celebrate the Impact!

Nanor Balabanian was born in the Middle East and lived the first year of her life in a bomb shelter with 300 other people.  When the war ended, her family moved into a small village, but the county struggled economically.

Receiving her shoebox gift was an unforgettable experience for Nanor.  It brought hope in the worst of times as she discovered beautiful stationery, scented soap, and a Barbie doll she immediately loved.  She was overwhelmed by the idea that someone who did not even know her would do something so nice for her.  Nanor realized the shoebox gift was an example of God's grace in her life.  Please join us for a special time of Nanor sharing her story and the impact Operation Christmas Child had on her life.